April 3,10,17,24, 2018 Tuesday 6-8pm
Costs: 20€/person

Topic of the class is half- and/or full-suspension technique. We look at different lock-off techniques for suspension lines on a ring, and later on bamboo.
The material also contains: sustainable harnesses, sculpting the body in the air, pain management for the model, and safety principles.
You need to know the shibari basics: column ties, a suspendable TK.

We recommended to attend this class with a partner, if you don’t have a partner, I can help finding one.

Please register beforehand:
+49 174 393 70 49
Address here


open shibari training april

April: Tuesday 3,10,17,24, 2018, 10-12am

This new class is open to all levels of Shibari/Kinbaku. Its an open training space.
Because tying is needs repetition. To become firm in guiding a partner through a rope session there are many skills to practice. Also the model makes an in depth learning process.
The first hour of the workshop we do q&a and I will answer specific technical question. For example if you always wanted to clarify for example how to secure suspension lines, repeat TK or go through the basics. For new input, I will demo one classical, more advanced figure. The second hour is devoted to your own training.

Please register for this class beforehand:
+49 174 393 70 49

Costs are 10 € per person.
Address: Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt, Uferstrasse 8, 13357 Berlin.

performance nun on the moon



Some weeks ago in Paris at La Gaite Lyrique.  A calm audience. Some curious, but mostly careful. Interesting how it was different from Lyon last year. More a party crowed during a music festival. Then it was late into the evening, people got more daring, or drunk. Not that I suggest, but the more courageous the audience ties me up, the more fun and somewhat sadistic moments. Which I think is interesting in this set up. People seem to really enjoy drastic ties and seeing me struggle.
In Paris people were beautiful, just shyer. Maybe the official institutional sight sets a vibe somebody said. I liked the purity. Surely, I keep fond memories of those five shows. Everyone, especially  the technical and production team was so supportive of Micha and me.

Photos:  Quentin Chevrier documented beautifully here


Performance: Nun on the Moon at Gaȋté Lyrique

Némo festival Paris 9.-11.2.2018
Duration 45 minutes

Nun on the Moon explores the poetry of Japanese Rope Bondage. The power dynamics between the audience and one female, and how Bondage (aka Kinbaku ) can be developed to new forms of performance. Kinbaku is an erotic ritualistic practice which can lead the participants away from everyday self-perception through exposure and emotional intensity.
In part one the performer ties herself. Examining the gaze of the audience, and concepts of beauty involving mutation of her body through restriction. Fusing different cultural aspects like fashion and movement, combined with butoh ballet, and a hybrid sound scape. Part two focusses on the dynamic between the individual and the group. The performer allows the audience to tie her. Sculpting her body with ropes. Unfolding physical creativity and trust/responsibility on both sides. The third part invites voluntary spectators, to be bound and make the shibari experience. The inner perception is often different from the objective perspective of a bondage scene.

Concept and performance: Dasniya Sommer
Sound and assistance: Michaela Bürgle
Light: Cédric Natté
Production: Arte/Tracks, L’Adami, La Gaîté Lyrique

Kiezkantine *Liebe*

Indeed a lovely event with locals from the neighbourhood of the Sophiensaele.

Kiez und Kunst in der Kantine: Rund um die Sophiensæle finden sich auch abseits der Mitte-Klischees lebendige Strukturen, soziales Engagement und vielfältige persönliche Geschichten. Alle zwei Monate öffnen wir die Kantine für den Kiez und laden bei gemeinsam zubereiteter Suppe zu einem Kennenlernen der Nachbarschaft, der Künstler_innen und des Publikums der Sophiensæle ein. Jede Ausgabe wird von einem Thema gerahmt – im Dezember: Liebe!


Mehr Info hier
Fotos: Arne Schmitt

shibari light interm. class – tuesday evenings in february

Tuesday evening classes at intermediate level
February 6,13,20,27, 2018
Hours: 6-8pm

This class is directed at people who are fairly new to shibari/kinbaku, but have a solid knowledge of the basics.
We go through the standard floor ties, body mechanics in rope, and start with simple suspension.

– suspendable TK harness
– safe suspension line on ring and/or bamboo

For more questions please write to

Level: Light intermediate
Costs: 20 Euro per person
10 class card 160 €
@ Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt – Wedding. Uferstrasse 8,13357 Berlin. Entrance B6
Call this number in case the door is locked: +49 174 3937049

advanced kinbaku lab in february

Tuesday mornings, February: 6,13,20,27, 2018
Hours: 10am–12am

This weekly class/lab focusses on kinbaku at intermediate-advanced level.

Most participants attend regularly so topics can progressively build. Starting with a power warm up and demo of my current material, I give individual feedback as you are tying. The material contains floor work, dynamic rope play, and half- or full suspension. We often research torsion-sequences or more complex transitions in the air. Its an environment to meet new styles and rope philosophies, and if you like to share your latest invention feel welcome to throw in ideas :)

My approach melts different styles and teachings for more than 10 years. As rigger I started of with Osada Steve, Arisue Go, Kamijoo Saki, Frances d’Ath, Barkas and Kinoko. As model I learned with and am inspired by Kasumi Horai, Iroha Shizuki, Akira Naka and Tamandua.

Haus Sommer is a small dojo located in Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt in Berlin-Wedding, with 7 suspension-points, bamboo suspension, dance floor, and tea kitchen. Please bring comfortable clothes and ropes if you have.

If you are a beginner and still want to participate, its possible as a model.
(There is a new beginner class in the evening!)
With previous experience you can drop in spontaneously. Please send a short message to  +49 174 393 70 49.
For more questions write to

Level: Intermediate – advanced
Costs: 20 Euro per person
10 class card 160 €
@ Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt – Wedding. Uferstrasse 8,13357 Berlin. Entrance B6
Call this number in case the door is locked: +49 174 3937049