Bunker Bondage

Joining this fun pilot project last minute: an interactive sound/rope installation at a former deep bunker in Friedrichshain from the 60ies. It was build for 250 people, several small rooms, and is now pretty run down and moist.
Both inspiring and irritating to bondage historical space, and during I was pondering about possible meanings. Is this how bunker architecture should be used, or exactly not?
But we only had two days. About the rope work it was most surprising that Keke and Wick managed to make the organic material sound. Jumping on the web and playing strings with fingers the audience co-created a sonic uncanny vibe. Thanks a lot to Keke (concept/sound) and Wick (cello) for inviting me. It was lovely to meet Taiga, tie with Natasha, and to add to Andy Buru’s ropy space ship.