Welt ohne Aussen – Berliner Festspiele

From July 25 – 30 performing with Peter Frost and his group Le Frau. Wrestling with special guest Anna Konda from Marzahn and her fem fight club. Ludmilla Skripkina reviving the feminist Russian revolution at Martin Gropius Bau.
Looking much forward to rope, dance, bewitch you!

The exhibition “Welt ohne Außen” features art works spanning from the late 60s to the present day, together with live works and workshops. For the first time, Gropius Bau is issuing passes that will give permanent access to the exhibition and all its activities, inviting visitors to explore all facets of the show and to actively participate in the daily workshop programme. Read more..


performance nun on the moon



Some weeks ago in Paris at La Gaite Lyrique.  A calm audience. Some curious, but mostly careful. Interesting how it was different from Lyon last year. More a party crowed during a music festival. Then it was late into the evening, people got more daring, or drunk. Not that I suggest, but the more courageous the audience ties me up, the more fun and somewhat sadistic moments. Which I think is interesting in this set up. People seem to really enjoy drastic ties and seeing me struggle.
In Paris people were beautiful, just shyer. Maybe the official institutional sight sets a vibe somebody said. I liked the purity. Surely, I keep fond memories of those five shows. Everyone, especially  the technical and production team was so supportive of Micha and me.

Photos:  Quentin Chevrier documented beautifully here


Kiezkantine *Liebe*

Indeed a lovely event with locals from the neighbourhood of the Sophiensaele.

Kiez und Kunst in der Kantine: Rund um die Sophiensæle finden sich auch abseits der Mitte-Klischees lebendige Strukturen, soziales Engagement und vielfältige persönliche Geschichten. Alle zwei Monate öffnen wir die Kantine für den Kiez und laden bei gemeinsam zubereiteter Suppe zu einem Kennenlernen der Nachbarschaft, der Künstler_innen und des Publikums der Sophiensæle ein. Jede Ausgabe wird von einem Thema gerahmt – im Dezember: Liebe!


Mehr Info hier
Fotos: Arne Schmitt

evening bondage beginner class january 2018


Tuesday evening class for beginners in 2018
January 9,16,23,30, February 6,13,20,27
Hours: 18- 20h

This beginner course is directed at learning the basics of Shibari/Kinbaku technique. We start systematically with efficient handling of body, rope, and safety principles. The material contains a wide range of harnesses for floor work. Understanding restriction from the models perspective, but also from the riggers perspective to realise adventurous phantasies or create meditative ties.

Please bring soft clothes and ropes if you have. You can register alone or with a partner.
Costs 20 Euro per person

For details please send a mail to workshops@dasniyasommer.de or PM me on facebook