Hamlet at Xplore 2017

Freitag & Samstag 15.7.2017 um 20-21.30h beim Xplore Festival 2017
-> Alte Börse Marzahn


Ein dramatisch getanztes Kinbakudrama mit Dasniya Sommer und Florian Loycke

Hamlet ist der Held der sich in ausweglosen Situationen immer wieder behaupten kann. Durch Spannungsverlagerung, durch Träumen, durch Variationen seiner psychischen Energie. Auch wenn die Restriktionen immer fieser werden und immer mehr nachgelegt, immer mehr Sinne zugedeckt werden, er findet die kleine Drehung, die Achse auf der er tanzen kann ohne sich selbst aufzugeben, oder indem er sich selber auf und hingibt.Wir wollen erzählen wie er um seine Geliebte Ophelia gekämpft hat und was im Schlafzimmer seiner Mutter geschah. Und wie sich ein Spiel um sein oder nicht sein entspinnt.
Vielleicht ist Hamlet ein Mädchen. Und Ophelia der Geist. Und die alten Freunde sagen die Wahrheit. Und die Stubenfliege kann sprechen. Und was zählt als Beweis für einen Mord oder für die Wirklichkeit? Aber auch: wer manipuliert wen, wer hängt in wessen Netz und kann es einen Sieger geben? Es ist die Geschichte, die passiert, wenn der Vorhang fällt.

Dauer ca 30-40 Minuten.
Produktion: Haus Sommer
Dank an: Theater Oldenburg, Ballhaus Ost




dasniya tying tamandua

Tuesdays : July 4, 11,  2017 –> NO CLASS ON THE 18 and 25TH!!!


Level: Intermediate
Costs: 20 Euro per person
10 class card 160 €
@ Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt – Wedding. Uferstrasse 8,13357 Berlin. Entrance B6
Take this number in case the door is locked: 0174-3937049

This workshop is a shibari research group open to rope nerds and those who want to be :)
We investigate on traditional techniques at intermediate level, and develop it further. Most people attend weekly so the topics are building on another. Dropping in is fine with previous experience.
Besides updating shibari principals such as column ties and different versions of Tatkate Kote (box tie), it is an environment to investigate new patterns, principals and bondage philosophies. Which I studied at international workshops, and from working with rope artists for more than ten years. For example: Kasumi Horai, Kamijoo Saki, Osada Steve, Arisue Go, Tamandua Ropë, Barkas or Kinoko.
Mostly I demonstrate a harness or an idea and then give individual tips and tricks as you are tying. If you like to share your rope news you are welcome to throw it in.

The workshop starts with a short power warm-up and a single rope exercises. Continuing with floor work, half- or full suspension patterns. More advanced riggers can approach progressions and complex figures in the air step by step.
More Info

Haus Sommer is a dojo located in Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt in Berlin-Wedding, with 7 suspension-points, dance floor, and a tea kitchen.
If you are a beginner and still want to participate, or if you have other questions please write to workshops(at)dasniyasommer.de
Or send an sms for spontaneous drop in +49 174 393 70 49.

May Performances & Workshops in Berlin, Bremen, & Lyon

Dear Friends, Bondagisti, Theateristi and Dancers,

a bunch of performances in Berlin, Bremen, and Lyon this month, plus Tuesday mornings Shibari Technique in Haus Sommer.

  1. Bondage Duell, with Silke Schönfleisch at Sophiensæle, May 18, 19, 21
  2. Nun on the Moon, at European Lab, Lyon, May 25
  3. Der besuch der verknallten Dame, with Das Helmi, at Theater Bremen, May 28
  4. Tuesday mornings Shibari Technique, in Uferhallen, Berlin-Wedding May 9, 23, 30
  5. Private & Group Lessons

Enjoy the arrival of spring’s sun!


1. Bondage Duell, with Silke Schönfleisch, at Sophiensæle

As part of the Every Body Festival in Berlin’s Sophiensæle, I am happy to première in Berlin Bondage Duellwith Silke Schönfleisch.

A 178cm tall ballerina and a 114cm small female government official on a tricycle appear on the scene. An uneven fight. The weapons: rope, muscular bodies and a thirst for adrenaline. Using classical dance means and Japanese bondage techniques, Bondage Duell examines physical and social patterns of bonding, empowerment and constraint. A place where cruelty and freedom, fun and curiosity lie closely together.

Dance: Silke Schönfleisch
Choreography & Dance: Dasniya Sommer,

Dates: Thursday 18th, Friday 19th May at 21:00; Sunday 21st May at 19:00
Location: Sophiensæale Kantine
Tickets: 13€ / 8€ (Online tickets)
Kombi-tickets: 18€ / 12€
More info: Sophiensæle

A production by haus sommer in coproduction with Grenzenlos Kultur Theaterfestival and SOPHIENSÆLE. Photo © Holger Rudolph

Dasniya Sommer, Silke Schönfleisch, “Bondage Duell”. At Sophiensæle Berlin
Dasniya Sommer, Silke Schönfleisch, “Bondage Duell”. At Sophiensæle Berlin

2. Nun on the Moon, at European Lab, Lyon

I will be speaker/performer at European Lab 2017 in Lyon in the Nuit Immersive, by Tracks and organised by Adami and European Lab.

Featuring the interactive contributions of a selection of unique and pioneering artists, the Nuit Immersive will be a night like no other. No seats or popcorn-holders, no stages or “fourth walls”, the Nuit Immersive will instead plunge you the public into the heart of the creative process and invite you to move around and explore this interactive performance as best you see fit. Advanced warning: here, the sign clearly states “PLEASE DO TOUCH”!

Date: Thursday, 25th May, starts at 21:30
Location: Les Subsistances • Le Hangar
Tickets: 8€ (Online tickets)
More info: European Lab

European Lab, Lyon — Nuit Immersive
European Lab, Lyon — Nuit Immersive

3. Der besuch der verknallten Dame, Das Helmi & Theater HORA at Theater Bremen

Once more with Das Helmi and Zürich’s Theater HORA, in Theater Bremen’s Festival Mittenmang.

Date: Sunday, May 28th, at 18:30
Location: Kleinen Haus, Theater Bremen
Tickets: 9€ – 20€ (Online tickets)
More info: Theater Bremen, Das Helmi, Theater HORA

4. Tuesday Mornings Shibari Technique in May

The workshop focusses on traditional Shibari technique, basic and intermediate level. Inspired by my teachers Osada Steve, Kamijoo Saki, Arisue Go, Tamandua Ropë. We start with the basics and security principles. Learning initial knots and floor work patterns with a partner. When these principles are set, we approach complex figures and suspension technique step by step.

Dates: Tuesdays, May 9th, 23rd, 30th, 2017 (No class on the 16th!)
Time: 10am-12pm
Level: Intermediate
Costs: 20 Euro per person
10 class card 160 €
@ Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt – Wedding. Uferstrasse 8, 13357 Berlin. Entrance B
More info: Shibari Technique Morning Classes

Please call when you are in the court yard, in case you don’t find it, or the door is locked: + 49 174 393 70 49.

5. Private & Group Lessons

Of course it’s always possible to arrange another time for private and group workshops, sessions, choreographing ropes for performances, and other long-planned or spontaneous ideas. Drop me a line!

Bamboo Shibari, Dasniya tying Florian
Bamboo Shibari, Dasniya tying Florian