October 11th, 2022

The course Beginner with Previous Experience is directed at learning the basics of Shibari/Kinbaku technique. We start systematically with efficient handling of body, rope, and safety principles (knots, wrapping and friction). The material contains a wide range of harnesses for floor work. Understanding restriction from the models perspective, and the complex skill set of the rigger, to create erotic phantasies or a meditative tie.

– Please bring soft clothes and ropes if you have.
– It’s a drop in class (you don’t need to register before hand, but send me a short message that you join a few days before)
– If possible I suggest regular practice/participation at the beginning to create a solid technical base.
– You can register alone or with a partner. If you come alone you can pair up with each other, and in case there is an odd number of people we make one trio. If that‘s fine for you it‘ll work out :)
– Regarding the Corona-situation make sure you are testet and/or vaccinated and wear a mask (3G), thanks!!
– Costs 30 Euro per person (in cash or via paypal after the class).

Mail: workshops(at)dasniyasommer(dot)de / FB: haussommer / Insta: Kinbaku Haus / WA: +49-174-393 70 49

Date: Tuesday October 11th
Hours: 19-21.30h
Costs: 30 Euro per person (max. four couples)

Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt – Wedding Uferstrasse 8,13357 Berlin. Entrance B6
Call this number in case the door is locked: +49-174- 3937049
Map here

Shibari class September

September 13th, 2022

The course Beginner with Previous Experience is directed at learning the basics of Shibari/Kinbaku technique. We start systematically with efficient handling of body, rope, and safety principles (knots, wrapping and friction). The material contains a wide range of harnesses for floor work. Understanding restriction from the models perspective, and the complex skill set of the rigger, to create erotic phantasies or a meditative tie.

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Fleetstreet Residenz

Fleetstreet Theater Dasniya Sommer Choreografie Michael Schuhmacher Meine Damen und Herren -Tanz-Theater Shibari

Mit ihrer ersten gemeinsamen Kollaboration Gluatamat:2 erarbeiten die Berliner Choreographin und Tänzerin Dasniya Sommer und der Hamburger Performer Michael Schumacher ein so persönliches wie sinnliches Duett. Sommers tänzerischer Umgang mit der japanischen Bondagevariante Shibari und Klassischem Ballett trifft dabei auf das virtuose Sprech- und Sprachverständnis des langjährigen Mitglieds der inklusiven Performancegruppe Meine Damen und Herren.

Zusammen kreieren die beiden eine so abstrakte wie düster-humorvolle Choreographie. Verkaufsverpackungen und individuelle Schicksale gesellschaftlich Randständiger werden metaphorisch auf irritierende Weise verknüpft. Bewusst spielen die beiden mit einem individuellen Verständnis von Zeit. Der zusammen gesponnene Erzählfaden gibt den Takt ihres tänzerischen Rhythmus vor. Zärtliche Shibari Meditationen wechseln sich ab mit unterspannten Crip Time Duetten und absurden Ritualen.
Parallel entsteht aus großformatigen Drucken, Bambusstäben und Juteseilen eine begehbare Installation, deren grelle Ästhetik gleichermaßen mit kapitalistischem Genussversprechen und familiärer Geborgenheit spielt.

Ihre Abschlusspräsentation im Fleetstreet Theater am Mittwoch 29. Juni 2022 um 19.30 Uhr. Die Bar ist ab 19 Uhr geöffnet!

Admiralitätsstr. 71
20459 Hamburg

Workshop: Die Shibari Experience (Hamburg)

Dienstag 21. Juni 2022

Während ihrer Fleetstreet Residenz bietet Dasniya Sommer einen offenen Shibari/ Bondage Workshop für interessierte Einsteiger* innen an. In dem zweistündigen Kurs werden technische Grundlagen vorgestellt und miteinander ausprobiert. Im Fokus stehen erste Erfahrung mit den Seilen, ein effizientes body-handling, Sicherheitsprinzipien wie Reibung und Seilspannung und intuitive Kommunikation.
Darauf aufbauend werden gemeinsam klassische Ober- und Unterkörper-Harnesse erstellt. Gemeinsam reflektiert die Gruppe die emotionale Ebene des Shibar, lernt Rollenspielvarianten (von dominant bis submissiv) kennen und bespricht die Rolle der inneren Haltung innerhalb eines zu schaffenden emotionalen Schutzraums.
Seit über zehn Jahren praktiziert und unterrichtet Dasniya Sommer Shibari/Bondage Workshops u.a. beim ImPulsTanz Festival Wien, im Queer Art Studio Berlin oder an der Kunsthochschule Braunschweig. Technisch ist sie sowohl mit dem fesselnden als auch dem Part des gefesselt Werdens vertraut und vermittelt beide Perspektiven aus ihrer langjährigen Erfahrung sowohl als sogenannte Rigger*in und als Bondage Model.

Datum: Dienstag 21. Juni 2022 Zeit: 18-20 Uhr
Gebühr: 20€ p.P.
Wo: Admiralitätsstr. 71,
20459 Hamburg
Fragen und Anmeldung unter: workshops(at)

Shibari Classes

Dear Shibaristas,
super nice seeing some of you and tying together again!

There are three dates in October, please check that the first and last date we will start one hour later:

Tue 12.10. at 7pm
Tue 19.10. at 6pm

Tue 26.10. at 7pm

As befor, pls bring a mask and register only with partner +


And, as some of you don’t know yet, because of Covid I keep the group at max. 3 couples and therefore take 30€ p.p. It also created a nice atmosphere and more space for everyone. Much hoping this works for you, many thanks!


Tomorrow Friday on Instagram at Dasniya_Sommer – February 26, 4pm

Rope Barre‘ starts with a shoulder blade warm up. With ‚Musculus Subscapularis‘, one of the deep shoulder and breast muscles. Running between the front part of the blade to the upper arm where it inserts on the very inside. When the arm is turned in or pushed against the torso, like when it is freezing or the soul is tensing up, it‘s this M. Subscapularis which get’s active.
Personally both of mine have been injured for a few years. With the arm positions in ballet, with pulling up weights in bondage, or with the arms cross tied behind the back it’s the tendons of this muscle which can get inflamed. (Like to say here that this is not necessarily the ‚fault‘ of the practices, but rather how it’s done and taught.) Nevertheless both ballet and bondage are radical in terms of anatomical intensity (and perhaps from other perspectives). Doing both extensively I see it as the collateral damage of professional ‚use‘ of my body. Nevertheless the price is high. DisTanzenSolo currently supports me to take care of many old dance injuries and at the same time develop a gentle choreographic training routine without production pressure.
This month focus is on developing a somatic strength training for the scapula and it‘s surrounding structures, a not so tiny part of the arm. And because it‘s invisible for our forward looking species I am rediscovering it’s minor movement by sensing it’s location to start with. Inspired by the manual therapeutic practice ‚PNF‘, which I learned about in my physio therapie training more than 15 years ago. I had forgotten about it, but my shoulder misery led me to integrate it in my current daily training and movement research.  ‚PNF‘ means proprioceptive-neuro-fascilitation. Kind of an anatomical self-sensing skill, which most people on the planet use navigating through space. If functioning, this sense tells the mover in which position their joints are. So that also in the dark we know our physical positioning in time and space. That’s the neuro-wiring between the joint capsule- and skin tension, and the brainy part – that‘s how I roughly remember. A pretty awesome and complex sense, which is used mostly without thinking.
For the shoulder blade warm up it‘s necessary to relay on this tactile sense. It’s especially trained in dance and other high coordination sports. But I find the scapula gets often neglected (especially in more conventional classical training), cause it‘s not an obvious articulation like hip or shoulder, and from the old days it‘s all about ‚Isolation‘.

After warming the blade up the routine of a ballet barre follows. The barre is almost an institution by itself I find. A ritual, a codified and useful object, and therefor it’s replaced by ropes. An experimental ‚barre‘ with impromptus steps. Requiring the shoulder girdle to stabilise the arms. For the moment there are no fixed sequences, the guts pour out steps by heart.
The wrist rope make sensible (fühlbar) how the upper limb connects to the blade in the back. From there letting your creative part of the brain take over. Playing with partial restriction. Going back to floor level. Don‘t pull strongly, rather use ropes holding your wrists to push (thrust) down and move rather slow than fast.
There are lot‘s of bridges between, ballet inspired impulses and bondage somatics. Let‘s not hunt shapes! But rather going through them and staying on a sensing level while breathing. And than, once in a while letting go of the concentration part and the muscle support, so that weight is actually falling into ropes or towards the floor. Integrating inner imagery and emo moments can be fun. If you hover over them for a while they might transform, intensify or go away. Think it‘s all valid on an experience level (without forceful phantasies for this round.)
Undoing the ropes can be a moment by itself. Same here, taking the inner drive into the action. Gently, exhausted or wild are colours of mind sets which inform the action/movement quality.
This is my current ‚freeing the shoulder blade and connecting back to my upper limb spirits!‘ tutorial.

Tomorrow Friday on Instagram at Dasniya_Sommer – February 26, 4pm

Trailer: Rope Barre – DisTanzenSolo 

„Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Programm NEUSTART KULTUR, [Hilfsprogramm DIS-TANZEN/ tanz:digital/ DIS-TANZ-START] des Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.“

Glutamat in Progress

Two weeks into ‘Glutamat’. Researching by myself. Once in a while different dancers are joining on the forth floor of Ballhaus Ost. Collecting material about fast- and slow food behaviour. Climbing up and down the small ladder to fit the set into the space. Eating Ramen. Reading on ballet by ‘Mishima’ (Thx to Gestalta! And yes, he is problematic.) Learning sequences to the dancers, in- and outdoors. Eating Ramen. Checking out Codemiko (Thx to Frances!), this awesome fem streamer and former gaming programer, who drives people crazy on snitch these days. I much enjoy her edgy, over the top style! Here are some in between steps. ..

This research is part of Take Care Residenzen, supported by Ballhaus Ost, Flausen Netzwerk and Fonds Darstellende Künste. Very glad to continue this work in progress which started last year for ‘An unboxing Ballet Beat’. Choreographic documentation on video will be up on this blog from mid April.