Dasniya Sommer is a Berlin based choreographer and visual artist who examines movement and image from the perspective of the dancer. Her body is her choreographic brain. She works in the range from Japanese Kinbaku (art of tying) to classical ballet, photography and video art. For this she founded a studio space called Haus Sommer. Where she constantly keeps researching and documenting with many people from all artistic fields. She works on new description of bodily images, integrating a cultural critical search, and a desire for free forms of expression.

Kurzer  Lebenslauf

Short bio:

Dasniya Sommer (1980) was raised in Berlin and began as classical trained dancer working with the Berlin Staatsballett.
She started modelling with 17 and went to New York for broader dance training for a couple of years.
Back in Berlin she danced for Cie Felix Ruckert and co-founded Schwelle7.
Since 2008 she develops own choreographies and collaborations with embedded choreographers such as Helena Waldmann, Romeo Castellucci, Angela Schubot, Florentina Holzinger and others.
She also performed and advised in movies and Art and Dance Projects.
She is working as a guest with das Helmi since 2013, where she was sculpting, dancing and choreographing in various shows.
Dasniya Sommer is based at Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt, and founded Haus Sommer in 2016, her own studio where she is doing research with various artist on all kind of physical expressions.
She is a forerunner in combining ballet, contemporary dance, butoh, shibari, yoga, puppet play, masks, body paint, photo sessions, handicaps to new forms of performance.
Dasniya Sommer is also teaching regularly in her own studio and abroad and advising choreographers and directors.

Her recent shows are:
‘Bondage Duell’ created together with Silke Schönfleisch-Backofen.
‘Hamlet’ with Florian Loycke. She is dancing, choreographing and performing with masks and objects.
‘Nun on the Moon’ which involves the audience and leads them into a shibari experience.
‘An Unboxing Ballet Beat’, a collaboration with the voice over artist Mmakgosi Kgabi.

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