There are always new tools I like to play with in class. For the last two years, after baby pause, it was a lot about an easy performative mind sets while dancing. Or about physical parts like getting the pelvic floor strong again for jumping, or shoulder alignment after hours of bend sitting for nursing. Dreaming of spiral movement patterns, or meditating on more contemporary principles like Klein-Technique for ballet. Experimenting wholesome attitudes while going through the formal shapes. I like the technical side of it, but once letting go of thinking the groove takes over.
My body totally enjoys the classic for the sake of visiting the same old in new (life-) phases. Less for mastering. Adapting and transforming is The process for friendly aging I think.
And, taking the proprioceptive critic by the hand and staying in a somatic conversation. Big thanks to Jo Siska for endless sweaty classes and for opening a creative ballet space in Berlin, Studio für künstlerischen Tanz.