The Un-conference / Queer Rope Festival Berlin

Looking forward to teach two workshops at the Un-conference/ Queer Rope Festival by Karada House

14.9.2023  – ‘Forrest’
The workshop focuses on creating a tying session for trios (co-topping). We begin with a demonstration using intermediate-level ties and upline technique. As there is no obligation to strictly follow a pattern participants are invited to work on individual levels and intensities which feel appropriate to the constellation. Exercises will include playful tools for moving and restricting the partner in space. And for timing, allowing sadistic fantasies to gradually unfold, as well as care impulses to build a session-like scenery.
We will include objects and organic materials such as stones, green or dry leaves, and plants/roots. Some material will be provided, but if possible please bring it along as well.
Teaching assistants: Gloria and Jonas.

15.9.2023  – ‘Dreaming’
This light intermediate technique class is for people who like to give their shoulders a rest from classical box harnesses. The hands front position allows for a longer, sexy play sessions on the floor without stressing nerves. To add intensity the lower body can lightly be suspended.
Model: Eliko.

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