Intro to suspension / light intermediate class in May

May: 3 (Thu),15,22,29(Tue), 2018
Because of the holiday the first class starts on a Thursday, than it continues on the 15th!
Costs: 20€/person
(10 class card 160 €)

Topics of the class are floor work and introduction to half- and/or full-suspension technique. You need to know basic shibari, firm column ties and any suspendable box tie -> takatekote/gote.
We have a close look at floor patterns and check if they are suspendable. Lock-off techniques for half-/suspension lines (zuri) on ring, and in the second step on bamboo.
The material also contains: safety principles like friction and tension, pain management for the model, and sculpting the body in the air.

We recommended to attend this class with a partner, if you don’t have a partner, and if you are not sure about the level please contact us.

Register beforehand: or PM on Facebook at haussommer
+49 174 393 70 49

Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt – Wedding. Uferstrasse 8,13357 Berlin. Entrance B6
Call this number in case the door is locked: +49 174 3937049
Map here