Performance: Nun on the Moon at Gaȋté Lyrique

Némo festival Paris 9.-11.2.2018
Duration 45 minutes

Nun on the Moon explores the poetry of Japanese Rope Bondage. The power dynamics between the audience and one female, and how Bondage (aka Kinbaku ) can be developed to new forms of performance. Kinbaku is an erotic ritualistic practice which can lead the participants away from everyday self-perception through exposure and emotional intensity.
In part one the performer ties herself. Examining the gaze of the audience, and concepts of beauty involving mutation of her body through restriction. Fusing different cultural aspects like fashion and movement, combined with butoh ballet, and a hybrid sound scape. Part two focusses on the dynamic between the individual and the group. The performer allows the audience to tie her. Sculpting her body with ropes. Unfolding physical creativity and trust/responsibility on both sides. The third part invites voluntary spectators, to be bound and make the shibari experience. The inner perception is often different from the objective perspective of a bondage scene.

Concept and performance: Dasniya Sommer
Sound and assistance: Michaela Bürgle
Light: Cédric Natté
Production: Arte/Tracks, L’Adami, La Gaîté Lyrique