POLINA Semionova!

OMG, when it comes to ballet I am such a groupie! In the last two weeks went to see the Staatsballett Berlin twice. To see Polina Semionova dance Swan Lake and Giselle.  She is utterly stunning. Every step is carefully, thoughtfully placed, and her person seems to vanish into the character she dances. Her presence and oneness with the role, especially as ephemeral being or ‘Elementargeist’.
Sometimes I would like her to perform a little more edgy, as black swan or in Giselle’s mad scene. But maybe that comes with more time, and well, thats also a lack in ballet education!
The Swan Lake evening was a double highlight, it was also Beatrice Knop’s farewell, after being a ballerina with the company for a quarter century  — what an immense effort!
It was touching, she took of her point shoes during the applause, and left them at the edge of the stage, mountains of flowers for the queen mother, her role that night.

Usually I wouldn’t bother too much, but this brought up memories. After the show I had her biography autographed by her, and when it was my turn I congratulated saying:
‘Hi, do you remember, a long time ago I was a little apprentice in the Staatsballett and we shared a dressing room.’
‘She looked up saying ‘Yea, I very well remember your face, good luck!’. ‘For you too!’ It was nice moment and reconciling with the old times ;)