Markus Öhrn’s Ghost Sonata Rehearsal Start

Just coming back from Warsaw. I was coaching Japanese rope bondage to actors from Nowy Teatr.

After a short introduction what traditional Shibari and my approach is, we got six actors into experimenting wildly with ropes and found funky ideas combining them with the text from ‘Ghost Sonata’.

Written by Swedish playwright  August Strindberg’s in 1907. At that time he was inspired by Beethovens Piano Sonata ‘Ghost Trio’, and wrote this somewhat spooky chamber play, dealing with mummies and social eval, invented from some hidden place of his mind.. Perfect for Markus and perfect for ropes I think.

The group was awesome  Normally I don’t suspend people who are totally new to ropes, but the energy was solid and there were two stuntmen in the room. One even a former Starwars stuntmen! :)

Here some rehearsal moments.