Remounting ‘Untangle’

Angela and Jared are performing ‘Soon you are Theirs’
(a retrospective) in Luzern. As part of this there will be concert performance with music by Evje and Bondage by Dasniya.
When: 31.1.2015,7 pm Große & Mittlere Halle
at Südpol, Luzern

Two evenings to rehears Untangle with Angela Schubot, Jared Gradinger, and the band Evje Luxurious but also necessary after nine month break. “It feels familiar and yet alien,” Angela says, to hand herselfs over and to twin fly for about half an hour. Jared loves how the show seems to run by it self, no preperation, doing nothing, just baring and enjoying to space out.

Photos & light: Andreas Harder