Rehearsing ‘Uccelacci Uccelini’

With das Helmi I am currently working on Pasolini’s ‘Uccelacci Uccelini’ (Große Vögel Kleine Vögel). Nine people, a hybrid team of singers, musicians, dancers, actors, directors extreme performers and personalities! Obsessively watching his movies, most inspiring for all of us. Since yes, it contains all the massive topics at once. Religion, communism, sexualitly …challenging and forcing us to realistically limit our actionfield to the eight week research. Half way through in January Heinz joined rehearsal. An old companion of Cora Frost, the last real communist in Berlin she says,  reading to us from the Manifest and passionately discussing with us.

Digging deeper into Pasolinis cosmos our roles start to define. There is for example Franz Rogowski who turns out to be our ‘Paso’. Just as in the 60’s he takes camera and mike to interview people in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. At the gym, in the street or my bondage class, asking questions about the sexual equality, internet love or camera surveillance systems in the Berlin subway. Funny and exciting, it will be part of the show!