Music Video: Colors Of Bruises

I met Jennifer Evans in 2012. We started with some rope classes than, and she came back to Berlin with Emily Aoibheann. To do more experiments and self-suspension stuff, and sometime in 2013 the idea for her music video was born. She envisioned two friends and a loads of messy rope.. Voilà est notre bébé!

Released 10th November 2014

Concept, music: Jennifer Evans
Artistic direction: Dasniya Sommer, Jennifer Evans
Performance: Jennifer Evans, Emily Aoibheann
DP, grip, light, edit: Valquire Veljkovic

Choreography, rope installation: Dasniya Sommer
Technical rope and performance assistant: Frances d’Ath
2nd camera: Nata Failde
Set and decoration assistant: Isabel Simões

Filmed March 2014 at Alte Kantine, Berlin. Thanks to Alte Kantine, Alexis Vokos, Camille Boostrom, Adrien Merigeau, Anna Fiedler & Michelle Baard