Mahagonny Festival Bremen

I am writing this some time later…
In June Florian spontaneously asked if I feel like doing the Helmi – Swan Lake again in Bremen. At the Mahagony Festival with two other dancers, and the answer was yes! We performed on the 26th, and here are some photos of our Dodo – occupy camp in the theatre foyer.
The evening was a mixture of a sort of installation/interactive/walk through the whole theatre musical–opera–performance. Our camp was cosy but unfortunately a little far of to where the main actions took place. But as storks and swans we were running around anyway! And whenever a spectator got lost and ended up by our camp site, there was a certain smile in their face. For me for sure a remotely familiar experience from 2009, to transform an official entrance area into mayhem. Foam, puppets, blankets, tents, ropes, tutus, banners and other strike materials ;)